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Holistic Wellness

Combining physical and emotional health to live your best life- at any level.

My goal for this website is primarily education- learning from others to better ourselves and those around us. We will have guest articles ranging from physical to emotional fitness, child development, and of course a variety of equine related articles as well. Eventually I hope to provide an online community of support and encouragement that will empower people to personal contentment- whether that’s through saying no to some things in an effort to simplify your life or taking the leap into a huge goal! No one’s “ideal life” looks the same as someone else’s, so go get yours!

About Me- Connie Buck, MS, OTR/L

Hello! My name is Connie, I grew up on a small farm/ ranch. We had very little from a material standpoint, but I was blessed with a family who loved me and I have learned throughout my years what a huge (and unfortunately uncommon) thing that is! My husband and I have been married almost 20 years and have two teenage children.

My background in as an Occupational Therapist with over 22 years of experience in post surgical and outpatient therapy, acute care, long term rehabilitation, pediatrics and even a brief time in a mental health setting. This variety of treatment areas and the holistic nature of occupational therapy as a profession has given me an appreciation for the importance of treating the whole person- physically, emotionally and spiritually. This professional education and experience, combined with personal experiences throughout my life has given me a very unique lens through which to view the world.

I have no illusions that I have done everything right, nor do I have all the answers- but that’s the point! We don’t need to be perfect, we don’t need to do it all- we just need to do something. I feel that people become so overwhelmed by the big picture that they lose sight of the small steps that it takes to get there. We don’t need to do this alone. Throughout my years of professional and personal growth, I have developed an amazing support team off of whom I can bounce ideas, ask for advice and expect a kick in the pants if I need it!

The biggest limiting factor in most people’s wellness journey is themselves! We need to get out of our own way- stop comparing, stop making excuses and stop making things so hard!! Just take action each day and you will soon find that these little steps quickly add up to HUGE benefits. My hope through this Wellness blog is that I might be able to help you in your journey to achieve fullness in your life!