Northern Barrel Racing Productions

This year’s shirts are AMAZING thanks to Twisted J designs. Allyson’s logo and Amy’s shirts will probably your favorite R2R swag yet!! Remember that 100% of the proceeds from the shirts – and the ENTIRE EVENT- are paid out to local cancer warriors.
The order deadline has passed, but we will have a limited number of shirts available for purchase on-site.

Click here to meet the 2023 Beneficiaries

The 2023 Race to Remember is set to be the best one yet!
*Mail in entries must be postmarked by Sept. 18th. Click the link below for a fillable PDF. Mail it with payment to the address listed on the form.
*Online entries are due Sept. 27th
*Late entries will be taken onsite for an additional $10/rider donation to the beneficiaries.
*Contestants may draw out for refund minus processing fees prior to Sept. 18th. Vet or medical release after the 18th, all other fees will be donated to the beneficiaries.

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Let’s talk about the side pots!!

Futurity- 4 or 5 years old currently in their futurity year. This one is pretty self-explanatory- at this time of year, if you don’t know if your horse qualifies for this one- it probably doesn’t. 😆 $500 added 2D w/full second splits. You will be required to email registration papers to verify age.

Derby- open to horses 6-8 and 5-year-olds not currently in their futurity year. $500 added 2D w/ half second splits. You will be required to email registration papers to verify age. I’m looking forward to this one- it’s going to be WOLFY!!

Senior Sidepot- open to experienced riders (age 50+ day of race). I won’t make you send me your birth certificate, but if I think you’re under 50, I’ll ask! $500 added 3D w/ full second splits.

Julie’s Racehorses- open to horses who have run on the track. $250 added 3D w/ .75 splits. You will be required to email the Equibase report on your horse to be eligible. This is NOT for “race bred” horses; your horse must have at least one verified start on an accredited racetrack.

Jane’s Ranch Horses- open to blue collar working ranch horses. This side pot is for horses who put in the miles behind a cow, the hours in the branding pen, and spent calving season wearing sharp shoes and tied in the barn ready to pull the babies in while they still have ears. You will be required to send photo(s) of real-life ranch work and the name of the Ranch where the horse consistently works. If you’ve ever offered to help your neighbor move cows and they ask you to sign a waiver and then stay with great grandpa and his 26-year-old mount (who are both giving you the side-eye) you’re probably not eligible. 😉😆

Email all verification paperwork with the sidepot entered in the subject line. As always, email with any questions!

Contestants are responsible for online entry/ PayPal Fees.

Kaulder’s Run- Men’s Fun Run!!

This is a $250 added 3D jackpot with full second splits. Barrel Racers- bring your husband and his trail pony, rope horse or put him on your barrel horse! This event is for the guys who aren’t entered in the Open 5D and is sponsored by Kaulder’s youth rodeo buddies- Parker Sandstrom, Cade Korslien and Denver Buck.

Click here to make a donation to the 2023 Race To Remember~
100% of donations go directly to this year’s beneficiaries